Why I Encourage Activism



I’ve always been strong-willed and passionate about issues that I care about. Silence in the presence of something that is wrong or unjust is the same as endorsing it in my eyes. I think it is so important to utilize the voice that we have and speak up for the issues we care about. I think people often feel disconnected from issues unless it directly affects them, or they feel as if they don’t have a place in the fight. That’s a dangerous way of thinking because it allows more injustices to continue, possibly even to the point where people take them as normal occurrences. I’m not saying you have to walk around with a crowd of people holding up signs, but you can do SOMETHING. Not contributing to the injustices is a good start, and maybe then you can encourage others to do the same. I’ve never understood the argument that one person doesn’t make a substantial difference. When we’re talking about issues that affect people and this earth we live on, then any difference at all that is made should be seen as ssubstantialand important.


The Cherokee Word For Water


Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief in the modern Cherokee Nation, died four years ago, but her legacy still lives on. “The Cherokee Word For Water” is a feature-length film narrative that expound upon work Mankiller was completing and recounts the work that led her to become the first modern female chief. The plot line of the story follows and Cherokee community that uses tradition Cherokee values of loyalty and connection with one another that leads to interdependence. The film is directed by Charlie Soap, Mankiller’s husband.

check out the trailer

New Jeopardy Category: “What Women Want”


Really??? You’re treading a thin line anyways when you generalize an entire group of people, but apparently jeopardy knows exactly what all women want. This category probably had harmless, non-sexist intentions. However, the answers to the questions seem to reinforce the whole era of women as domestic housewife perception we’ve been trying to get past. Here’s a clip from that shows some of these questions.

Halloween ideas…other than a sexy cop



Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween. What I don’t like is the cultural norm of encouraging girls to “dress like sluts”. First of all, dressing up as a costume of your choosing does not in any way lead to you dressing like a “slut”…I despise the word slut anyways. Second, the Halloween costume industry is another example of sexualizing females. I don’t really recall seeing “sexy” versions for all of the guy’s costumes. Wear as little, or as much clothing as you want for your Halloween costume. Just don’t name call if someone chooses to dress in a way that you wouldn’t. That’s their choice.

If you’re  looking for a Halloween costume idea that doesn’t involve something super uncomfortable and impractical? Check out Huffington Post’s article on alternative costume ideas.


Male Privilege is “I Have a Boyfriend”



A clear and also common example of male privilege that you may not think about could present itself in the following scenario.

guy: *hits on girl

girl: “Sorry, not interested”

guy: *continues to hit on girl

girl: “Seriously dude, not interested”

guy: *..still trying

girl: “I have a boyfriend”

guy: *stops relentless flirtation efforts.

While not ever guy will simply stop unwanted advances towards a woman because she has a boyfriend, that is exactly what many do. Thankfully the unwanted advances may stop, but what bothers me is the reason they stop. It is not out of respect for the female’s lack of sexual/romantic interest in the guy, but rather the male to male respect that would create boundary lines.

My First Podcast!


Hey guys,

I’ve been curious about people’s general perception of feminism, so I decided to talk to a few people and get their thoughts, hope you all enjoy.

New Constitutional Argument For Marriage Equality



As the issue of same-sex marriage has come before the U.S. Supreme Court again, a newer argument in support of same-sex marriage is beginning to surface. The argument is based on the constitutional principle that as a matter of law children cannot be punished in an attempt to control the behavior of adults…thus rendering bans on same-sex marriages unconstitutional. 

An article on Slate.com titled “The Smartest Constitutional Argument For Marriage Equality That No One Is Making” , goes into detail with the many ways that children can be harmed by banning same-sex marriages.