Halloween ideas…other than a sexy cop



Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween. What I don’t like is the cultural norm of encouraging girls to “dress like sluts”. First of all, dressing up as a costume of your choosing does not in any way lead to you dressing like a “slut”…I despise the word slut anyways. Second, the Halloween costume industry is another example of sexualizing females. I don’t really recall seeing “sexy” versions for all of the guy’s costumes. Wear as little, or as much clothing as you want for your Halloween costume. Just don’t name call if someone chooses to dress in a way that you wouldn’t. That’s their choice.

If you’re  looking for a Halloween costume idea that doesn’t involve something super uncomfortable and impractical? Check out Huffington Post’s article on alternative costume ideas.



What does the word “feminist” even mean?..and why do people assume it has a bad connotation?



I am always curious as to why people view the label “feminist” as a strange thing. I can understand hating the fact that there needs to be a term for it and that people do not just naturally embrace equality. What I don’t understand is how being a feminist has come to be almost taboo. I don’t understand why it is often used as an insulting term to hurl at someone (“feminazi” has to be my favorite though). The way I see it is you either A. believe in equality of the sexes, thus making you a feminist or B. you are either indifferent towards equality of the sexes or flat out sexist. You’re either racist or not, homophobic or not, sexist or not. 

I find it even more frustrating when women (especially well-known women) come out and blatantly state that they do not consider themselves feminists. It’s a slap in the face for all of the hardships that those feminists before us have been through in order to get where we are today, and it’s a slap in the face for modern feminists striving for more progress. 

The Courier Journal had a great article on the response that female celebrities had to the question “Are you a feminist?”. It also mentioned the powerful definition of feminism Emma Watson gave in her United Nations speech where she quotes lyrics from Beyonce’s song “flawless”.

 “Feminism: the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”