New Jeopardy Category: “What Women Want”


Really??? You’re treading a thin line anyways when you generalize an entire group of people, but apparently jeopardy knows exactly what all women want. This category probably had harmless, non-sexist intentions. However, the answers to the questions seem to reinforce the whole era of women as domestic housewife perception we’ve been trying to get past. Here’s a clip from that shows some of these questions.


New Constitutional Argument For Marriage Equality



As the issue of same-sex marriage has come before the U.S. Supreme Court again, a newer argument in support of same-sex marriage is beginning to surface. The argument is based on the constitutional principle that as a matter of law children cannot be punished in an attempt to control the behavior of adults…thus rendering bans on same-sex marriages unconstitutional. 

An article on titled “The Smartest Constitutional Argument For Marriage Equality That No One Is Making” , goes into detail with the many ways that children can be harmed by banning same-sex marriages.

What does the word “feminist” even mean?..and why do people assume it has a bad connotation?



I am always curious as to why people view the label “feminist” as a strange thing. I can understand hating the fact that there needs to be a term for it and that people do not just naturally embrace equality. What I don’t understand is how being a feminist has come to be almost taboo. I don’t understand why it is often used as an insulting term to hurl at someone (“feminazi” has to be my favorite though). The way I see it is you either A. believe in equality of the sexes, thus making you a feminist or B. you are either indifferent towards equality of the sexes or flat out sexist. You’re either racist or not, homophobic or not, sexist or not. 

I find it even more frustrating when women (especially well-known women) come out and blatantly state that they do not consider themselves feminists. It’s a slap in the face for all of the hardships that those feminists before us have been through in order to get where we are today, and it’s a slap in the face for modern feminists striving for more progress. 

The Courier Journal had a great article on the response that female celebrities had to the question “Are you a feminist?”. It also mentioned the powerful definition of feminism Emma Watson gave in her United Nations speech where she quotes lyrics from Beyonce’s song “flawless”.

 “Feminism: the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”

Feminist Party Sweeping Through Swedish Politics


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As a new feminist party, Feminist Initiativ, emerges in Swedish politics “out with the racists, in with the feminists!” is the slogan leading their political battle. The party’s founder, Gudrun Schyman, has been a politician for over 30 years (prior to which she was a social worker). The new feminist party was almost elected into Swedish Parliament, but fell short of the 4% needed. 

The party is trying to present a platform of non-discrimination along not only gender lines but also race, disability and sexual orientation. While Sweden is typically thought of having relatively progressive politics, there is still a blatant gender gap.

Men routinely still earn higher wages while performing the same jobs as women, and sexual violence is still rampant. According to the guardian “The fact that Sweden is “better” than other countries when it comes to gender politics is not to say that equality has actually been achieved.”

It is one thing to have a political system with legislation and policies that encourage equality non-discrimination, but it is another thing entirely to execute it.

I don’t believe that there can be any real change regarding sexism in politics, or in our daily lives for that matter, if the mindset behind it is not changed first. Legislation and political developments is certainly a start, but the way people think is what needs to be revolutionized to create lasting change.

Ray Rice Scandal: Does it matter if the victim of domestic violence is male or female?


The outpouring of commentary regarding the Ray Rice scandal is another example of how skewed our prioroities and values have become. It is baffling to me that there is still a considerable amount of support for Ray Rice, a man caught on camera knocking out his fiance. The victim in this situation, Janay Palmer, has continually been victimized since the story broke. An article on International Business Times adresses Ray Rice’s support from Men’s Rights Groups.

“Men’s Rights Movement (MRM), Ray Rice is the real victim. In a thread on Reddit called “Ray Rice: the elevator video,” which was parsed by Matt Saccaro at Salon, members of Men’s Rights argued that Rice was simply defending himself against Palmer’s first strike and didn’t deserve to lose his football contract…“She hit him first. He backed away and she came at him again. Glad he didn’t get more in trouble.” “Something that struck me,” said another, “was that it wasn’t him hitting her that knocked her out, but him hitting her and her hitting the rail on the elevator that knocked her out,””

What these anti-feminist groups and many supporters of Rice are missing is that this should not be about gender. This should not be abuot football. This should not be about a man versus a woman. This is about unwarranted and despicable violence that in my opinion cannot be excused. Yes, Janay Palmer may have gotten confrontational with Rice as well, but slamming someone’s head into a rail and rendering them unconcscious is too far if you’re arguing self defense.

I’m sure almost everyone has seen the clip already, but in case you have not here it is from TMZ sports. As a warning, I found this very disturbing to watch.

This is about an act of violence against another human being that should be stomach churning to watch. The focus shouldn’t be on the welfare of Rice’s career, the Raven’s future or the NFL’s future. It should be on the support of the victim in this situation and the prevention of this in the future.