Too cowardly to call your friends out on being sexist?



It puzzles, and alarms, me that we so often times are tolerant of injustice. If you stand by and watch a bad behavior continue that is just as bad as contributing to the behavior itself. By remaining silent you are supporting that behavior. I’ve often heard the argument “It’s not my place to get involved”. Really? It’s not your fault to call someone out on a detrimental action towards someone else? If we all just act as bystanders then nothing will change.

I’m not saying you have to go start a riot every time someone says “don’t be a pussy” or “she looks like a slut”, but you can, at the very least, speak up about it. It’s not always an easy conversation, especially if you know the people saying those things. However, it helps no one if you stay silent. Sexist comments are so prevalent in many parts of society that people often times don’t even realize that what they are saying is offensive or derogatory. Taking the time and courage to speak up could completely change the way someone thinks as well as how they treat others.


2 thoughts on “Too cowardly to call your friends out on being sexist?

  1. I disagree with “completely change the way someone thinks as well as how they treat others”. I agree that we need to speak about how wrong the sexist comments are. I hate confrontations but I do let people know how I feel about the sexism that is prevalent. Few people agree with what I say. But they carry on with the way they talked before. I haven’t seen someone change completely at all. And there are few who will have and awkward silence after having made a sexist remark, but then look at me with a look “Oh! she is a feminist! Now she will go ranting about my statement!” If people have changed because of what you said, do share your experience. 🙂

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  2. First of all I want to thank you for your comment! Let me start off by saying that I have had both positive and negative experiences with this. I’ve found that the responses I get from people are often influenced by what kind of relationship I have with them, if one at all. For example, I babysat two teenage boys over the summer and there were a couple times they made comments that could easily be taken as sexist or offensive. I was able to keep from getting angry because they honestly had no intentions of offending someone. Once I explained the possible implications of what they said the issue was pretty much resolved. But there was also a strong element of trust and respect there.

    I’ve also had similar experiences with friends or acquaintances where it was often a situation where they were using popular phrases that were potentially offensive, but they hadn’t taken the time to think about what they really meant. When I have tried to talk to strangers, or someone who obviously doesn’t have respect for me or my opinion, then their response can be completely different. I believe that there are some people who are just so self centered they cant be bothered to concern themselves with the feelings of others.

    On the other hand, many offensive things are said out of ignorance. Sometimes all it takes is someone to educate them. Ignorance is much easier to cure than apathy. I’ve certainly had similar response such as the “Oh here we go with the feminist..” like you were saying. (I even got called a “feminazi” on a date once haha). Anytime you confront someone about their behavior you’re taking a gamble on how they will react, but I would encourage you to not let that stop you. You never know how you could change someone’s perspective. The change may not be immediate, but taking the time to talk to someone about it can make all the difference. 🙂


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